Bouquet recipe: authentic romance with the peony

Opulent bouquet in blush tones

With the peony on the Flower Agenda we present a bouquet bursting with unabashed romance. Who doesn’t love a flower that symbolises love and happiness?

Boeketrecept met pioenrozen

You will need

Mr. Darcy and your bouquet

You don’t need many of these flowers in blush tones to create an opulent, super-romantic bouquet. Summer in a vase, the sun shining through your window and an infinite amount of delicate petals stop you from going outdoors. You’d rather sit indoors dreaming for a little while longer. Mr. Darcy, this is your cue.

Beautifully round

This bouquet looks best in a round shape. Find a vase in an attractive pastel colour or made of frosted glass. Fill it with water, add some flower food and arrange your bouquet. You create a romantic base by flanking the extravagant peonies with delicate lisianthus, style icon Vanda, small-flowered camomile and scented friesia. The campanula and snapdragon together with the ornamental grass create some airiness. Finally the gerbera lends a sober note, because whilst romance is beautiful someone still needs to keep their thinking head on.

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