Fabulous branches, flowers and berries from a warm autumn bouquet

If you're looking for good company, fill your vases with opulent autumn bouquets. Treat yourself to satin-soft flowers or brighten your home with stylish berries. Here are some suggestions for classic autumn flowers:

Indoor flowers

Since you’ve spent the past few months outdoors, it’s nice to keep nature close by. So we bring the greenery indoors, in various warm shades. Alongside the familiar chrysanthemums and asters, there are many more flowers that can warm your entire house instantly. 


Rosehips - the fabulous fruit of the flower of love

Rose bushes produce marvellous fruit: rosehips. After the roses flower, it’s time for these rugged, robust characters that are an essential ingredient in any autumn bouquet. And speaking of characters - do you have lots of single people nearby? Then give them a big bunch, since rosehips symbolised waiting for your true love.



Bright purple is new green. It feels like the last scraps of summer have hidden themselves in Callicarpa's small bright purple berries. A pleasant surprise as we swap the fresh bright colours for darker shades of brown and red. It makes the change of season much easier.


When the remarkable Physalis announces the arrival of autumn, you can see instantly where it gets its nickname of Chinese lantern plant. The cheerful fruit is wrapped in a natural paper lantern. Enjoy it however you like, since they’re also easy to dry. In the past, the Chinese grew the roots of the plant in their home to drive away ghosts and bad spirits. The lanterns imprisoned the ghosts. 



The Latin name Scabiosa has a romantically sweet sound to it, and the flower helps soften the shock of autumn. While there's more and more rain outdoors and the wind blows fiercely, you can brighten your home with  fabulous flowers in shades of white, yellow, red, blue and pale purple to deep purple. The tall upright stems of this cheerful field flower ensure that the delicate dancing petals are the focus of attention, or enjoy the garland-shaped sprays of berries.



The yellow flowers erupt in all directions euphorically. The female blooms are in the centre, surrounded by a group of male flowers. Euphorbia (spurge) consists of around 2,300 varieties and is known for its milky sap. You have the choice of various colours: yellow, orange, red and white.