Stylish autumn branches with enchanting bright purple berries

It feels like the last scraps of summer have hidden themselves in the Callicarpa's small, bright purple berries. What a pleasant surprise as we swap the fresh bright colours for darker shades of brown and red! This makes the transition of the seasons much easier. If the name Callicarpa doesn’t mean much to you, it’ s also known as ‘beauty berry’ (yes, because it’s so beautiful). The branches don’t just brighten your living room, but also your day. We’re going to enjoy the afterglow of summer for a long time…

Colours and shapes

Callicarpa is a fairly inconspicuous plant. Only after it sheds its leaves in the autumn do the metallic violet berries appear. These eye-catching cheerful globes seem to explode off the bare branches and twigs like autumnal fireworks! 


The colour of the berries is so enchanting that they look hand-painted. There must be some mysterious symbolism attached to them, surely? But sadly not. Purple flowers represent dignity, preparation, seriousness and mourning. So let’s transform these purple spheres into ‘you’re as beautiful and special as these berries’ berries. 


The shrub, which originates from central and western China, particularly occurs in Asia, North and South America and Australia. The beauty berry is now considered a member of the deadnettle family, although until the 1990s it was included in the Verbenaceae. The genus features some 140 different species.