A floral high tea with chrysanthemum

Golden recipes to celebrate this autumn flower

Organising a high tea for your loved ones should be on your to-do list for this autumn. We suggest a chrysanthemum high tea for golden gourmets, as the chrysanthemum (aka gthe olden flower), is more versatile than you think. How about sultry chrysanthemum tea, delicious chrysanthemum cheesecake and warming chrysanthemum broth? Making it yourself is simple and success is guaranteed!

high tea met chrysanten recepten
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The Chrysanthemum's Greek name is as beautiful as the flower itself, as Chrysanthemum means golden flower. But it is not only its beauty that inspires us. The flower symbolises happiness and eternal life and has been loved in Asia for centuries. There, the chrysanthemum is a popular and important guest during holidays and ceremonies.  


A good high tea stands or falls on a good cuppa. And what could be finer this autumn than sultry aromas drifting from the cup into your nose? Success is guaranteed with this recipe for delicious chrysanthemum tea.


What could be better than spoiling yourself with a delicious broth on drizzly, cold autumn days? This chrysanthemum bouillon is both filling and warming. An added bonus is that this soup contains a generous portion of vitamins!


Who doesn't like cake? This cheesecake, with the tasty addition of chrysanthemums as a finishing touch, is the perfect sweet treat during your high tea. The cheesecake does very well as a dessert, or as a treat with coffee.


Get inspired for autumn with this harvest bouquet, or give your mood a lift with this mood booster bouquet. We'd love to see the results of our suggestions! Let us know on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #funnyhowflowersdothat.

thee gedroogde bloemen chrysantenthee | mooiwatbloemendoen