Floral high tea with chrysanthemum

Golden recipes to celebrate this autumn flower

Food designer Katja Gruijters created an exclusive floral high tea for us with chrysanthemum the star of the show. She developed three new flower-based recipes that we're sharing so you can try your hand at your own flower creations. Enjoy crafting these golden concoctions for your family and friends.

Floral high tea with chrysanthemum - Funnyhowflowersdothat.co.uk

Chrysanthemum is a precious bloom to us, since its name means ‘golden flower’ in Ancient Greek. But it’s not just its beauty that we find inspiring. In Asia, where the flower originates from, it has been celebrated as a symbol of happiness and eternal life for centuries. This makes it a popular guest at festive occasions and important get-togethers.  

A floral high tea

The Chrysanthemum is the floral star of our high tea menu. Katja experimented extensively with the golden flower, creating new exclusive recipes that were presented for the first time at an exclusive location. 


Three delicious recipes

We kicked off the occassion with a Far East Chrysanthemum bouillon shot to warm up our guests on a crisp autumn afternoon. Then we served the garland chrysanthemum tea, accompanied by a golden chrysanthemum cheesecake. Follow our menu to host your very own Chrysanthemum high tea. We're sure your guests will love the freshnes of the flowers and the gold-hued nod to autumn.

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