DIY: hanging flower tree

A rival to the Christmas tree

This hanging flower tree is a real eye-catcher. It has a truly festive feel without being a fir tree and is ideal for spaces you want to be bright and airy or if you really want to impress. Even better, it's completely customisable and can work at whatever size is best for you.

Hangen bloemenboom voor kerst
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you will need:

Hangen bloemenboom voor kerst

how to make a hanging christmas tree with flowers

Pick a spot where you want to hang your flower tree. Tie a bauble, flower or water glass to a thin wire and attach it to the ceiling. The good news: this is the first step towards your gorgeous contemporary Christmas tree. The bad news? You have to repeat this step 50 more times....

Think carefully beforehand what kind of shape you want, possibly sketching an outline on paper. Do you want an organic shape or a super tight cone? Also remember that the shape is three-dimensional, so for best results, walk around it regularly as you hang, as if you were arranging a bouquet.

keep the fun going

If you want to enjoy your hanging flower tree as long as possible, it is best to ensure that the flowers have a water source, such as being placed in tubes. Not all flowers need to be in water - for example, you can use dried gypsophila. A tree made completely of dried flower tree is also a great option. Learn how to dry your own flowers here.


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