Christmas crafts and flower arranging

Creative party corner for the kids

The December festive month deserves its own themed table where children can do elaborate crafts, wrap presents for friends and creatively fiddle around during the Christmas holidays. How about letting them self-decorate vases or light holders? Here, we show you how.

Knutselen en bloemschikken met kerst

make your own flower vase

Kids love fun, colour and flowers! Take them to the florist and let them choose their favourite flowers then bring them back to the party corner. Clean some empty jam or peanut butter jars and get bright sheets of colouring paper and provide children's scissors and glue. What shapes will we cut? Stick your shapes onto the glass when you are happy with how it looks. After sticking and gluing several times, a happy pattern will emerge. When you are ready, fill the vase with a little water and put the flowers inside.

make your own festive light holder

Do you have any vases left over? Try putting some LED lights in them - you get a beautiful effect with the shapes and colours on the glass. A great addition to the party corner, for the children's Christmas table or as a beside table decoration.

Knutselen en bloemschikken voor kerst

a show-off corner

Did the kids bring home lovely crafts from school? The party corner also works great as a show-off corner! Besides, there are plenty of fun activities and DIYs to do with the kids that benefit from their own workspace. You could try making a mini version of our centrepiece extravaganza, for example!


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