DIY: a floral seal for Christmas cards

For Christmas wishes with a personal touch
Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

Christmas is a moment to reach out to friends and family and celebrate the end of the year in a way that feels special and personal. In this age of email and smartphones, nothing feels more thoughtful than a handwritten message. It's why, despite everything, the tradition of sending Christmas cards is still going strong.

We can all get behind sending good wishes to far-away friends in the form of Christmas cards, but if you have a long list then the task sometimes loses a bit of its sparkle. To maintain a festive mood and give each card the attention it deserves, we have a fun DIY project for you: close your envelopes with a delightful flower and wax seal. Now, put the Christmas tunes on, and get writing!

DIY: a floral seal for Christmas cards |

Fit for the mantelpiece

A wax seal on your envelope is terribly retro chic. Add in a personal touch with a favourite flower, and you'll definitely earn a place of honour on your friends' mantelpieces. It’s not difficult to do either, so let's get started.

You'll need:

  • Sealing wax
  • Seal stamp (either a leaf, a flower or your initial)
  • Glue gun or a spoon and candle to melt the wax
  • A beautiful flower — we chose a rose

  • Paper

  • A pen

  • Cardboard gift boxes

How to make it

Make sure that the envelope is ready, with the card inside and the address written on it. Heat the wax with a glue gun or place a bit in a metal spoon and hold it over a candle flame to melt. Pour some of the molten wax onto the paper and push the flower stem into it. Coose a flower with a stem which is not too thick, otherwise the seal will not be able to fasten it. Then take the seal stamp and press it into the wax. Leave it pressed in for a couple of seconds until hard, and then you can remove it. Write your Christmas wish on the piece of paper and cut the paper to size - or fold it - so that it fits inside the gift box. 


Place your Christmas greetings in a postage box and fill it with crumpled newspapers or another kind of shock absorbers, so that the flower is not damaged. Write the address on the box and head off to the post office.


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