Baby's breath ball with Yoko Negi

Floral artist Yoko Negi makes a dried flower decoration with gypsophila
Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Yoko Negi is an extremely talented flower stylist from Japan, who is now based between Paris and Rotterdam. She designs flower bouquets, garlands and shop installations for clients in Europe and Asia, and often features gypsophila in her creations. This airy flower, also known as baby's breath, is the perfect choice for the modern arrangements that Yoko hangs overhead like floating sculptures, or magical clouds.

We were lucky enough to spend a morning with her and capture her process of creating her beautiful floral art. She also shared the secrets of her baby's breath arrangements, so that you can try your hand at creating them yourselves.

Baby's breath ball with Yoko Negi |

You will need

  • Chicken wire
  • Several varieties of gypsophila 
  • Limonium 
  • Ruscus/butcher's broom
  • Dried grasses
  • Ribbon

Get to work

To make a wreath of dried flowers, first of all make a selection of the colours and the flowers that you want to include. Then, dry the flowers. You can either buy dried flowers from the florist, or buy fresh stems and dry them yourself by following these instructions.

Once the flowers are dry, place them through a ball of chicken wire to create your arrangement. Imagine that you're constructing a photograph or a painting, and enjoy mixing flowers with textured foliage. You can either create a traditional circular wreath, a round ball that works as a sideboard arangement, or a contemporary bouquet of flowers to float in the air like you can see on Yoko's Instagram. Gypsophila lends itself perfectly to more unusual shapes, as the sprays of tiny white flowers create a bewitching halo effect.