Hay fever? Banish sneezes with this bouquet

A low-pollen bouquet
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In the spring, flowers burst wide open and nature puts on a beautiful display of colour. For hay fever sufferers, though, it's bittersweet, as blossom heralds the beginning of months of sniffing. And if you thought you'd found a safe haven in the city, but instead find yourself blowing your nose even more, it's because pollen often lingers longer in urban centres due to the pollution in the air. With the hazards of hay fever in mind, we've put together a special bouquet for everyone allergic to pollen, with flowers that shouldn't irritate your sinuses.

Hay fever? Banish sneezes with this bouquet - Thejoyofplants


This classic flower comes in all shapes and sizes, and luckily roses only release small amounts of pollen into the air, making them a safe choice for hay fever sufferers. To further minimise pollen exposure, opt for tight-budded varieties, which are available in a variety of appealing colours.

Gypsophilia Snapdragons

Gypsophila is a great floral team player - when it has double flowers. Also known as baby's breath, the green stems with tiny white or pink flowers do amazingly well as filler flowers in almost every bouquet. It's been one of the most popular cut flowers for years, so as long as you choose a double flowered variety such as Gypsophila paniculata 'Flamingo', you can put this in your hay fever bouquet and we guarantee it will look fabulous.

The pretty snapdragon is also one of the low-pollen flowers found in this bouquet. Its name stems from the fact that the snapdragon flower looks just like gazing into a lion's jaws, and it has the feeling of a beautiful wildflower, bringing a breath of fresh air to the bouquet. 

The clematis is also low in allergens and ensures a playful, airy style wherever it is placed. It also has the advantage of being available in many colours so will suit all styles and interiors, whether you decide on white, light blue, dark blue, pink or red.

The Astrantia looks like just stars, and thus has gorgeous flowers. It lasts a long time once cut, so is a great choice for any bouquet - but it especially shines here thanks to its low pollen content.

And these low pollen beauties didn't make it to the bouquet, but they're excellent choices for hay fever sufferers:

There are as many as fifty varieties of stock, almost all of which are equally colourful — but the white variety is perhaps the most beautiful for spring.


The hanging flowers of fritillaria comes in versions both large and small, and blooms in beautiful colors: red, orange, yellow and purple-white with an intriguing chessboard pattern. Unusual varieties include green with brown-orange spots and red-purple with yellow edges. There are so many varieties to choose from, but luckily they're all low-pollen, so will work wonderfully in a hay fever bouquet.

Thanks to these helpful flowers, hay fever sufferers no longer have to keep away from bouquets. Use our inspiration to assemble your own sneeze-free bouquet, and share it with us on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #funnyhowflowersdothat.