Fill your broken heart with flowers

A well-being bouquet that will help you get back on your feet again

Broken relationships, unrequited love or painful rejections. Sometimes love lets you down. And ouch, your is heart filled with sadness, uncertainty, and beautiful but oh-so-painful memories. You can use a good friend at moments like these. Friends who don’t say too much, but simply understand and comfort you. A bouquet of "healing" flowers that help you to get back on track and heal your heart. 

1. Allium

This purple magic wand stands up proudly and points straight into the sky. The Allium symbolises strength and victory and gives you a real boost. No need to worry, you'll be yourself again in no time.

2. Grape hyacinth

Bunches of grape hyacinths shine in the spring, the season where all new life begins. Grape hyacinths also represent responsibility and self-confidence. Put a grape hyacinth in your bouquet and reawaken your self-confidence.

3. Blossom

In Japan they know that we can't always control life. The blossom is the living example of this philosophy: the weather determines whether we can enjoy this fragile flower. We think that you could use this comforting thought right now.

4. Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums are an essential part of your well-being bouquet. They bring happiness, health and have a long life. They are fearless and easily overcome the rigors of time and nature. As strong as they are, they will still surprise with excellent stamina and a powerful attitude. Just like you.

5. Delphinium

During challenging times, you could use some extra support. A flower that looks over your shoulder and protects you from things that are going wrong. Fortunately, there is the Delphinium, a pastel-coloured hero with protective forces.

6. Gladiolus

If a gladiator survived in the arena, they were sprinkled with gladioli. Since then, this flower has become a sword-like symbol for strength, victory and pride. And that's exactly what is needed right now! 

7. Protea

The symbolism of the protea suits the phase you are in now. It stands for change, in the positive sense of the word. Fill your bouquet with this unusual flower and embrace the new era and new you.

8. Goldenrod

Finally, you can always use an extra helping hand. And what flower could be better than the cheerful goldenrod? This flower has a fresh colour and is very good at encouraging and promoting growth. Which is exactly the positive push that you may need.

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