Bouquet recipe: a summer bouquet to make you bloom

Celebrate August with Delphinium, Allium and Gladiolus
Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Summer calls for a nice loose field bouquet. And because Delphinium, Allium and Gladiolus are colouring the Flower Agenda this month, we’ve opted for a bouquet recipe featuring these stars of summer.

Boeketrecept met Delphinium, Allium en gladiool

You will need

Relaxed and loose

Do you bloom in the summer? These flowers do too. That’s why you go so well together. In the summer everything is a bit more relaxed and loose, which is reflected in this bouquet. The long stems, the white flowers and the foliage together create a big bundle of relaxed summer mood.

Introducing …

But how well do you really know these summer flowers? Here’s a quick introduction. Delphinium is the cousin of the ranunculus, and its meanings include pleasure and lightheartedness, just like summer. Allium is an ornamental onion - yes really - and was used in the past to drive away witches. Gladiolus likes to be extravagant and compelling, and has flowers on both sides of the stem so it’s very versatile. Whereas Ammi majus has very subtle flowers and Cosmea is a cheerful Mexican that comes in pink and white, yellow, orange or red. Can you hear the strains of a mariachi band?

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