The Chrysanthemum revival

The golden flower is on trend this Autumn

If anyone ever doubted the Chrysanthemum's popularity, then now's the time to change their mind. The golden flower of happiness is everywhere at the moment and so it's the perfect time to bring the flower into your home.

The Chrysanthemum revival on

A fashionable flower

When German fashion designer Michael Michalsky created a Chrysanthemum skull in at StyleNite in Berlin in 2012, the flower won over the nation. The demand was so great, that smaller skulls were made available across the country.

Jewellery designs

While the colours of the flower inspired high fashion, the shape of the Chrysanthemum features in lots of jewellery designs. On Etsy there are plenty of different pieces ranging from necklaces to rings.

Inspiration at Anthropologie

When Anthropologie start selling a vase with a flower design, it's a sure sign that the bloom is on the rise to stardom. The blue and orange Chrysanthemum vase has taken the home decor world by storm, and can still be picked up in stores today!

Chrysanthemums all around

With this Asian bloom everywhere from high fashion to the high street, there's no doubt the Chrysanthemum is experiencing a revival in popularity. It's also available in florists around the country, so you too can feature the flower in your everyday life!