Be transported by flowers

Just step into this vintage flower and we’ll head off to our shared future. Pardon? De DAF Daffodil is a classic choice as a wedding car. It looks beautiful in white, but equally good in pale blue. Once you reach your destination, you can fill the car with flowers. Who needs vases when you’ve got a DAF Daffodil?

A trip in the wedding car

If you have to travel from A to B at your wedding, it’s best to do it in style. Hang some tin cans and ribbons off the back in order to scare off bad spirits and get luck on your side. If your man has the final say on the look & feel of the wedding car, that’s fine. You’ll have the final say about the floral float into which the car will be transformed! Well why not? A beautiful classic car like this deserves its moment in the spotlight on your wedding day. 

Daffodil as vase

Open the windows, doors and bonnet and fill the car with amazing wedding flowers. Don’t insert the flowers straight into the car, but placed them in oasis (florist’s foam) so they get enough moisture on hot days. The shopping list is flexible: Delphinium, peonies, viburnum, roses, rhododendron, allium, hydrangea, lavender, cow parsley. Anything you like will work in this incredible car.

Image: Vogue Netherlands for