DIY: Mother's day monogram

A personalised arrangement, just for her
Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

Mother’s Day is all about celebrating the most important woman in your life by spoiling her with food, presents and most importantly, flowers. Conveniently, the holiday is at the start of spring, which means there are plenty of gorgeous flowers just begging to be gifted to your mother. 

This year, why not try crafting something yourself as a gift? We’re sure your mum will love that you put in real effort with your own two hands. A monogrammed flower arrangement is an easy yet thoughtful way to show your love and appreciation. 
DIY: Mother's day monogram
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  • A selection of your mother’s favourite flowers - we used tulips, daffodils, freesias, hyacinths and roses
  • Floral foam in the shape of the letter of your mother’s first name, or use an M for mother
  • Scissors

As the flowers will be safely secured within the floral foam, they should last a little longer than a regular bouquet, which means your mother will get to enjoy them for a good amount of time. Tulips and daffodils are classic spring flowers, which will help to dispel any leftover winter chill. Roses and freesias, meanwhile, smell absolutely delicious, so the scent from your handcrafted bouquet will waft enticingly through the house and remind mum that you made a floral arrangement just for her. 



Soak the floral foam in water until it’s saturated. You’ll be able to tell when it’s full of water as the foam will become a darker colour. Remove it from the water and place it on a flat, clear surface. 

Taking your flowers, consider how you’d like to arrange them on the foam. Once you’ve decided on the perfect arrangement and colour scheme, begin trimming the flower stems to around 2.5-3 centimetres, cutting them at an angle with the scissors. 

Now your flower stems are the perfect length to insert into the foam, it’s time to start arranging! Taking the largest blooms first, gently poke the stems into the foam until they’re secure. Add in the rest of the flowers until the foam is covered and you have a beautiful DIY monogrammed flower arrangement. 


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