The language of flowers

What would you say with flowers?

You can say anything with flowers, they have many different meanings. This language of flowers is also called floriography. You can use this language to communicate hidden messages, or express your love and appreciation a little less secretively.

Flowers as messengers The Wunderkammer for The Green Gallery

Flowers as messengers

Floriography may sound a bit mysterious but it isn’t. Think about red roses: everyone knows that they are a symbol of love, but there are many more flowers with a message. You could include the following flowers in a Mother’s Day bouquet:

  • Daisy: loyal love
  • Pink rose: appreciation
  • Peony: protection
  • Pink Gerbera: joy
  • White Camelia and Marigold: gratefulness
  • Sunflower and Gladioli: admiration

Secretly flirting with flowers

Floriography has existed for centuries and was especially popular in Victorian times; it was all about modesty, so open flirting was not acceptable. A Whatsapp with a heart emoticon also wouldn’t have been possible. You could use flowers to tell your secret love everything. You did this with a nosegay or tussie-mussie: a small bouquet full of meaning. Thankfully in those times there were enough dictionaries where the meanings of flowers and herbs could be found. That is how you would know that yellow tulips symbolized that ‘our love is impossible’ and that Gardenias meant ‘secret love’.