Bouquet recipe: a wonder-filled bouquet with hydrangea

A splash of mystery and a pinch of enchantment

The hydrangea is one of those flowers you can gaze at endlessly. Its globe shape, the little flowers that all bloom in their own time, the sometimes almost unnatural colours that change with the seasons. The hydrangea keeps us under its spell. Combined with the right colours and supporting cast you can create a wonder-filled spectacle straight out of a fairy story. 

Hortensia Boeket

You will need

Cobalt, inky blue, lilac and burgundy. These are colours that carry us off to our spiritual and creative space, where we can muse and daydream comfortably and anything is possible. Flying over the rooftops, endless summers, world peace? Today anything is possible. 

Between blue and red

Today you will ask the florist for flowers in all the colours between red and blue. Ideally, you will choose flowers with unusual shapes that appear to be otherworldly. With dots or spots or a romantic ombré effect. Next step - arrange the flowers to your heart's content. There are no rules to creating the bouquet of your dreams, only imagination.