Three ways of decorating your walls with hydrangeas

Off to the florist and the DIY store
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Dig the gold-rimmed dinner service out of the dresser, because these hydrangea wallpapers transform every room into a classic tea room where you can enjoy some ‘refined living’. 

Behang met hortensia's

Even without domestic staff

Just picture it - a single wall bursting with the hydrangea’s beauty! You can see yourself sitting there with a fine throw over your knees and a cup of tea.  Peaceful music wafts through the room as the butler enters with the scones. Oh wait ... But don’t stop daydreaming - even without domestic staff you can enjoy the vintage feel of this globe-shaped beauty. 

Readymade or DIY

Will you seek out readymade wallpaper, or would you rather do it yourself? With a stamp and a sponge you can reproduce the hydrangea’s voluptuous shapes yourself. Or turn it into a digital repetition that makes your eyes go funny. A wall like that looks very hip from a distance. 

Wallpaper schmallpaper

You’re really not up for all that flowery carry-on, you say. Ah, but thus luxurious dark delight is almost irresistible. Unusual plant in front of it, graphic print against it, you next to it in your designer chair: job done!