Redefining the ‘January blues’ with flowers

Brighten up someone’s day with a bouquet of the bluest blooms
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When the sparkle of festive lights has been extinguished, all that’s left is the gloomy weather, the return to work and the after-effects of a month of partying and excess to contend with… it’s no wonder January has become synonymous with the blues. But we prefer to look on the bright side and focus on silver linings – even when the mother of all Mondays (a.k.a. Blue Monday) is looming on the horizon.

That’s why this year we’re redefining the January blues as a colourful celebration of Britain’s bluest blooms. And Blue Monday will not be spent hiding under the duvet – but paying it forward by surprising someone with a bunch of fresh blue flowers. Here are a few of our favourites with ideas on how to take them from bouquet to vase…


Big, voluminous globes of vivid colour comprised of a myriad of tiny, delicate flower heads, hydrangea are ideal flowers for blowing away those January cobwebs. Keep things simple and embrace their naturally rustic vibe by placing them in a vintage pitcher – perfect for a kitchen table or bedroom dresser.

If you’re growing your own hydrangea, find out how to turn your pink blooms blue with a little help from some coffee grounds. Magical as it may sound, it’s all a matter of chemistry.


Who doesn’t feel like a fragile and delicate flower after the excesses of the party season? So why not choose a flower to suit the collective mood? And there are none so delicate as the beautiful nigella flower. With their wispy powder-blue petals and feathery foliage, nigellas have a romantic, almost magical quality. Like a sprinkling of fairy dust, they promise to transport you away from the dreariness of the daily grind. Team them with other dreamy wildflowers, such as daisies and poppies.


These beautiful cheery-looking towers of tiny flowers, ranging from pale pastel blue to intense indigo, have become synonymous with spring and Easter. But the good news is, they can flower from as early as January. So start dreaming of sunnier days with a bright and beautiful bunch of hyacinths. Team with candy-pink tulips for an early hit of spring joy – and wave goodbye to the dark days of winter.


A particularly eye-catching and happy-looking variety of hyacinth is the winter-flowering muscari. Also known as the grape hyacinth, it produces spikes of dense, usually blue, urn-shaped flowers resembling grapes. Its colour palette ranges from very pale to very dark, almost black, with some species exhibiting flowers of a different colour at the top to the bottom. Arrange them with some sunny yellow daffodils – and immediately break into a smile.


One of the most exquisite flowers of the new year, the iris is a sight for sore eyes when you’re feeling less than chipper. Its delicate and sculptural form combined with the intensity of its colour offer a double whammy of joy. Mix the blue variety with its yellow and creamy white counterparts for an explosion of colour and texture.

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