DIY: floral pumpkin

From freak to chic

Halloween! We're looking forward to it this year. Make sure that not only your outfit is on point, but that your home is also. Of course, pumpkins are a must but we're going to do something different with them. We're going to exchange the freak show for a fashion show and make stylish pumpkins. With flowers, of course. How to make them? We will explain it to you step-by-step.

DIY: floral pumpkin |
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You will need:

  • Small pumpkins
  • Dry flowers and fresh flowers of your choice. We chose: helichrysum, broom bloom, hypericum, clematis seed and lagurus
  • Iron headed pins (box)
  • Scissors

Getting started
Step 1

Collect several small pumpkins. These can be of different types and colours. We chose small, Japanese pumpkins with their characteristic green shade. Of course, orange pumpkins also work beautifully this season.

Step 2

Think about what you want to make. Do you go for subtle autumn flowers that you let meander over the pumpkin and place it on the table as a stylish centrepiece? Very well, if it is not Halloween! Or do you choose deep red colours as a wink to horror and gore during this exciting party night?

Step 3

Choose fresh autumn flowers that are appropriate for the season in terms of colour, and dried flowers to complete the picture. For example, make variations of pumpkins entirely of dried flowers, some with only fresh flowers and some with a combination. The dried flower pumpkins last longer, but fresh flowers can easily be replaced and they give a deliciously colourful touch to your pumpkin.

Step 4

Make sure that you cut the stems of the flowers as short as possible near the flower itself - this will help the flowers display themselves better.

Step 5

Stick a pin through the heart of the flower and attach it to the pumpkin. Decorate with more flowers from the top to the bottom of the pumpkin, or in whatever shape you like.

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