Organise a chrysanthemum high tea

Happiness from a cup and love from a plate

In autumn, we need warmth and extra self-care. A chrysanthemum high tea is exactly what you need. Whether it's solo or  a tea for two, at this tea ceremony, chrysanthemum is the star of the show. It's flower of happiness and health, after all!

Chrysant high tea
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A lovely cup of tea

Dress your tea table according to the seasons, which adds even more warm feelings to your ritual. Most important, however, is that you serve a good cup of tea. You can use a pretty cup with a gold rim, or a minimalist glass one. Did you know that the name of the chrysanthemum comes from Greek: chrys (gold) and anthemon (flower)? Thus, chrysanthemum literally means golden flower. The petals have a spicy flavour and are ideal for use in sweet dishes.

Chrysant high tea


What is a high tea without tea? Kick off your high tea with this garland chrysanthemum tea, followed by a chrysanthemum broth for an even warmer tummy. It's important to save room for the chrysanthemum cheesecake for dessert, after all!

Chrysant high tea

*Dried edible chrysanthemums can most easily be obtained in September from the Chinese supermarket. Note: check with the store that the chrysanthemums are edible.

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