Wedding bouquet recipe: for the radiant autumn bride

With the lucky chrysanthemum in the leading role

Attention autumn brides! Are you going to give your love your vow in autumn? Then we have the perfect wedding bouquet recipe for you. With the lucky chrysanthemum in the leading role, this bouquet full of warm colours and special arrangements is a real eye-catcher. After the ceremony and party, throw it proudly over your shoulders to your besties or keep it to dry.

Trouwboeketrecept: voor de stralende herfstbruid
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you will need

How to make it

We recommend that you find a florist whose work you like, and work with them to create your dream bouquet - it's tricky to make a bouquet this important without some experience. For example, some flowers give off pollen and you do not want to think that your dream dress under the yellow stains to sit. It's also important that the bouquet is strong enough. After all, you will be squeezing the stems quite a few times throughout the day. The bouquet must also survive being thrown to your bridesmaids.

If you have found a florist to help you, it helps if you know exactly what you want. This can be done with the above list of ingredients but also by showing sample photos of colours and shapes.

Trouwboeketrecept: voor de stralende herfstbruid


A wedding and flowers go hand in hand. A wedding bouquet, the decoration at the table or a flower arch under which you say your vows. Flowers give your wedding just that extra bit of atmosphere and warmth. Check out our wedding bouquet recipe with dried flowers or a combination of fresh and dried flowers. In our wedding dossier you will also find inspiration, DIYs and background information on the symbolism of classic wedding flowers. 


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