Bouquet idea: serene lilies

Because you deserve it
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Hey there hard worker, carergiver, get-stuck-inner. When did you last do something for yourself? It's about time you gave yourself a present, someting to help you relax and unwind. We suggest a bouquet of serenity, with the lily as the star.

Boeketrecept met lelie's

You will need

Elegant arrangement

This is a bouquet on a grand scale. The fragrant lily is a showstopper, helping reward you for all that you do. Choose a large vase and a spacious setting, giving the other flowers room to breathe.

Flower tips for sunny days

In warmer weather your flowers will keep looking their best if they’re placed out of bright sunlight. Regularly replace the water in the vase and trim the ends diagonally before placing them in water to keep them looking fresh. Final tip: if you can find the time to sit outdoors, the bouquet will be happy keeping you company, in a shady spot on your patio or balcony .

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