DIY: Carnation garland

Decorate your house with fresh flowers
Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

There's nothing better for bringing life and colour to a room than a bunch of fresh, sweet-smelling flowers. An alternative to the traditional bouquet is this looped garland of flowers that is surprisingly easy to make. Let your creativity roam free by making patterns with flowers of different shades, then hang it in the window, above your bed or loop it round the bannister. A garland of fresh carnations will look gorgeous anywhere. 

Carnation garland

What you need:

  • Flowers in 4 different colours — we chose carnations but you can use any sturdy flower
  • Secateurs
  • Bead
  • Needle
  • Strong wire
  • Tweezers

Get to work

  1. Measure how long the wire needs to be, based on the number of flowers that you have. Add at least 20cm each end so that you can attach the garland. 
  2. Tie a bead at one end of the wire so that the flowers cannot slide off once threaded. 
  3. Trim the flowers to just below the bottom of the flower head and use the different colours to plan out a pattern.
  4. Thread the wire through the needle, then pass the needle through the bottom of the carnation flower so that it emerges through the heart of the flower. 
  5. Use tweezers to petals from the centre of the heart so that the bottom of the next carnation flower sits neatly on the carnation beneath it.

Once the wire is full of flowers, the garland is ready for hanging in your home.