Vanda is no shrinking violet

The orchid family (officially called: Orchidaceae) may be extensive and numerous, but Vanda still stands out from the crowd. What you expect, with colours like that?



Of all the orchid species, Vanda offers the most colours, including blue - an uncommon colour in the world of flowers. You can also encounter the flower in pink, white, violet, purple, yellow, brown, orange and various shades of red. Nor is it afraid of pattern: Vanda’s five petals feature spots and stripes.


Vanda symbolises pure friendship. Which makes it the perfect gift for your very, very best friend - one with excellent taste and a matching collection of vases.


The Vanda in your vase originates from Asia, in the region between India and southern China. The orchids there attach their aerial roots to tree bark and thereby grow towards the sky along with the trees. With a sip of rain and a soupcon of morning dew they flower and grow.