heart-shaped flowers for your loved ones

A bouquet for your sweetheart

Giving a bouquet is always nice, but can you imagine just how much sweeter it would be to give one with heart-shaped flowers?

Anthurium Funnyhowflowersdothat.co.uk

The extravagant anthurium is a special lady. Her leaf steals the show with its unusual shape. Have you noticed that it looks a bit like a heart? A bouquet with anthuriums therefore sends a big message of love. Take a look at our stunning bouquet recipe with anthuriums and other exotics. But this flower also performs well as a soloist. With her exotic appearance a couple of stems are enough to fill a vase with appreciation. 


Also an additonal bonus, did you know that the anthurium has the longest vase life of all cut flowers? That’s exactly what you want for your best friend or loved one.