Bouquet recipe: a brilliant party with exotics

For and by extroverts
Estimated reading time: 1 minute

This month the exotics are on the Flower Agenda. These extravagant personalities are each very lively in a vase on their own, but together they really do make it a brilliant party. Get to work with the exotic Gloriosa, Anthurium and Strelitzia.

Exotische bloemen boeket

What you need

You might as well book your ticket to Copacabana in Rio now. Because after seeing this bouquet, all you can think of are pina coladas, hot beach bodies and miles of blue sky. Ay, caramba! Is it time to board yet?

You don’t know where to look

Round and spiky, frivolous and refined, shiny and pointy: with a bouquet full of exotics, you soon run out of adjectives. One thing is certain - this bouquet is an eye-catcher that you will stare at for a long time. 

But still look closely

Strelitzia stands out head and shoulders above the rest, but can you find the aster? And the shiny Anthurium attracts quite a lot of attention - have you overlooked the asparagus as a result? Inspired? Time to create your own masterpiece...