Flowers to raise the temperature

Exotics for an Indian summer

Their tropical presence makes you blush, their exotic shapes make your heart beat faster, and their names sound like a sultry salsa dance. Could we open a window please? The exotics are certainly raising the temperature. 

Gloriosa, Anthurium and Strelitzia

Pleased to meet you

They don’t need a lot of introduction, but nonetheless … meet Gloriosa, Anthurium and Strelitzia. These three remarkable ladies come from all the corners of the globe. If you’d like to see them in the wild, you need to book your ticket to India for the delicate Gloriosa, travel to South America for the idiosyncratic Anthurium and visit South Africa to come eye to eye with the proud Strelitzia.

Heart-warming symbolism

Gloriosa, Anthurium and Strelitzia don’t just bring the tropics into your home, but also fill the vase with heart-warming symbolism. Hence Gloriosa represents a new beginning: a flower that’s fitting for your brother who’s starting a new job. If you want to send a message to a freedom fighter or you want that one person to be immortal, give them a bouquet with Strelitzia. Anthurium literally symbolises exotic beauty. That will definitely make the recipient turn bright red. 

Hot-blooded bloomers

Place a vase full of exotics on the table, and you will soon find yourself leafing through travel brochures looking for your next adventure. How do these hot-blooded bloomers do it? Is it their exotic looks, the warm colour palette that they offer or the memory of walks in places far from home? Well whatever their secret is, it certainly raises the temperature. And with autumn on the doorstep that’s not to be sniffed at!