Give your home an instant style boost with an orchid

The classy orchid gives your interior a massive style boost in an instant. Place an elegant stem in a robust vase, and you will have an eye-catching feature in your home which lasts for weeks. A clear case of a spectacular effect in return for little effort.

The style icon orchid will give your home a substantial style boost.

Colours and shapes

Whatever your style might be, the orchid will always fit in. There are more than 25,000 species, but your florist particularly stocks the beauties from the tropics. The flower comes in a range of impressive colours, from powder pastels to candy pink or zen white. There's even a tiger print. Opt for the butterfly-like Phalaenopsis, the vampy Vanda, the slender Cymbidium or 'Venus slipper' Paphiopedilum (pronounced pa-fee-o-ped-il-um). They’re all as beautiful as their names suggest.


The orchid represents pure friendship. If you give it as a gift then do what the Brazilians do: give a kiss for each flower. Alongside kisses and flowers, you will also be giving style with an orchid, since the orchid was the First Lady Jackie Kennedy’s favourite flower. So wherever there's an orchid, a style icon is never far away.


Orchids have many secrets. Nobody can really say how old this second-largest family of plants in the world actually is. What we do know is that the fabulous colours and shapes of the orchid originate from the tropical rainforests, where the various species grow in trees and on rocks. The orchids that you can now buy in the shops have been developed from these natural species.

Boeketinspiratie met de orchidee Mooiwatbloemendoen.nlBouquet inspiration with orchids

You can use the stylish orchid in many ways. Opt for an imposing large bouquet made of orchids, Cymbidium and catkins (Salix). Or choose a refined arrangement with a natural look by combining orchids with roses, Calla and Salix.

If you want to make a sunny statement, create the bouquet in the photo using orchids, red Salix, Calla and Hypericum and waxflower. Of course you could always ask your florist to put together this lovely bouquet for you.