Feng shui with an orchid

Minimalism with a big impact
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Feng shui is an ancient philosophy that helps you arrange your surroundings in a positive way to bring you great happiness. Especially if you also call upon the assistance of the perfect flower: the orchid. You can enjoy the soft warm love of this perfectly balanced flower all year round indoors. Naturally, that makes us happy. 

To your health

Having flowers in your home is utterly feng shui. Flowers ensure that the energy in your home flows better and is more gentle and effervescent. Very relaxing and therefore very healthy.  

Beautiful composition

This stylish source of simplicity is also perfect for making a minimalist floral arrangement. You should therefore adopt the Japanese art of flower arranging: ikebana. It’s not about the quality of the flowers - although these are very good - but about creating a beautiful composition. It`s about rhythm, nature and the interplay of lines. If you want the arrangement to symbolise the whole of nature, use several types of flower.


This elegant flower does not need much. A beautiful sober white vase or bowl is all that’s required. It actually doesn`t matter what you put this stylish lady in - she makes everything more beautiful. 

Orchidee Bloemenagenda Mooiwatbloemendoen Minimalisme