Approaching the new year

Looking backwards and forwards with plants and flowers
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Looking back and looking ahead - That’s what December is made for. Musing on the sofa, some nice music on, candles burning… and flowers and plants of course. With vintage vases you can very symbolically recall the past year, whilst a modern watering can takes you (and your plants) into the future. And what do the plants and flowers say?

Silvester -

Vintage vases and pots

A collection of old vases, glasses and pots create a nice melancholic feel. Take a wander around your house, peep in the shed and the charity shop and be surprised by what you find. And no, it doesn’t need to match. In fact, a mixture of colours, materials, textures and sizes looks great. To give a nice contrast, combine the vintage vases with a modern watering can, shiny and sleek. This version from Kristina Stark is certainly an eyecatcher, and deserves a good spot in the foreground. Create an Instagram-worthy display in an empty corner that could do with some va-va-voom.

Vases full of symbolism

It’s time to fill the vases and pots. Perhaps your friends know what your favourite flower or plant is, and those pots will spontaneously fill themselves after every visit. Of course you can also buy some flowering greenery yourself from your florist. Try opting for flower and plants with a symbolic meaning that speaks to you: because that symbolism fits the past year so beautifully, or reflects a New Year’s resolution. Ideas: an orchid represents pure friendship, Strelitzia symbolises freedom and immortality. A coin in the soil of the Chinese money plant attracts wealth. And a Paphiopedilum has a somewhat erotic look, making it an exciting gift between lovers. Just a hint.

Share your collection

With our Instagram for beginners tips you can create a fantastic photo of your collection in no time. We’d love to see it - so share it on Instagram. Use the hashtag #floralfeast and let us share in the pleasure.


The 1950s (West Germany) vases come from the charity shop and bric a brac (web) shops. The watering can is the Botan watering can grey by Kristina Stark via EmmaB.