Tips and inspiration for a blooming summer

As the temperature starts to rise, freckles start to appear and ice creams delight us all. It's the time for flowing dresses when flowers smell heavenly and the sunlight brings all the colours to life... Summer has arrived!

Summer in the spotlight

This summer we are celebrating with a whole host of ideas so you can enjoy this glorious season to the fullest. We'll show you the typical summer flowers, help your flowers to beat the heat, share a recipe for lavender ice cream, give you a step-by-step guide on how to make an ice glass with flowers, a simple DIY for a beautiful dreamcatcher with flowers, and how to give your outfit a finishing touch with a floral hair comb (in three styles: boho, romantic and modern).

Beautiful images

On Pinterest you will also find our &Summer board full of flowers. Get inspired, repin and comment as much as you like. Have you got your own summer board with flowers? Let us know where we can take a look..

We welcome your summer tips

We are also interested in your floral summer tips. Send your tip to our team and who knows, we may use it in a summer article. You can also leave a message on our Facebook page or send a sunny flower tweet with #SummerFlower to @flowersdothat.