Sun protection for your flowers

Flowers need factor 50, too!

In summer, as in any other season, you want to enjoy the flowers in their vase for as long as possible. Do you have a beautiful bouquet for the garden table, in the conservatory or on your window sill? Then bear in mind that your flowers also need to be protected from the heat and rays of the sun. Here's how you do it.

Ook bloemen hebben zonbescherming nodig
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Is your bouquet on the windowsill behind glass? The sun's rays can be quite strong, and scorch the petals of your flowers. On a warm, sunny day, it is better to place your flowers out of the sun. On some days, however, it is better to put your bouquet outside in the evening or at night, when it can be pleasantly cool outside.

stay clean and hydrated

You drink more in warmer weather and you might even take an extra shower. Give your flowers those extra refreshing moments too. A clean vase is a must. Scrub it well with soap and bleach! Flowers in fresh water will brighten up immediately. Keep leaves out of the water by removing them. Adding fresh water is essential, not a luxury. 


Take a look at classic spring and summer flowers. These flowers are perfectly equipped for the current climate. Has one flower succumbed to the heat and is hanging miserably over the vase? Remove it quickly so that the other flowers stay nice and fresh.


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