DIY: an easy way to dry flowers

Next to your laundry

In spring and summer, gardens and vases are full of them: beautiful flowers in the bloom of their lives. Extend the pleasure these flowers give you by drying them. We have already written about how you can dry flowers in three classic ways, but doing so by simply hanging them on the washing line - with a little adjustment or two - is also possible. That way you can enjoy them outside first and then inside! Let's get started.

Bloemen drogen waslijn
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Dit heb je nodig YOU WILL NEED

  • Flowers suitable for drying (with woody or thin stems)
  • We chose Lagrus, Roce, Lunaria, Phalaris and Craspedia


Arrange small bunches of the same flowers and hang them upside down to dry. For the best result, do this in a place in the shade which is warm. After a few days, the flowers will be dry. You can test this by squeezing the stem. Is it no longer flexible? Then your dried flowers are ready to shine!


Dried bouquets or vases in which fresh and dried flowers are mixed have become increasingly popular in recent years. Dried flowers are extremely versatile. Frame them or make a garland à la Yoko Negi. In a vase, they make a pretty picture too. What's more, a bouquet of subdued colours can provide the tranquillity that that one corner in your home is crying out for.


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