The most unusual forms of the sunflower

For those who can’t get enough of them!

Hurray, it’s summer! That means swishing summer dresses, barbecue sessions that go on forever and fields full of sunflowers. Did you just picture those cheerful yellow sunflowers? We thought so! But alongside these classics, there are so many unusual variations of the queen of the summer flowers

Zonnebloemen soorten Teddy zonnebloem, de Prade red, California Wonder, Ruby en Ring of Fire

Much more than just yellow

Anyone who thinks that sunflowers are always yellow is way off the mark. You can find unusual varieties in all shades from yellow to red and brown. Some varieties have a light to dark gradient, or appear to be randomly coloured. 

From tiny to gigantic

Sunflowers can range in height from adorably petite for mini-vases through to gigantic varieties for the garden. With so much variety, there’s bound to be a sunflower that will suit your vase!

Fabulous shapes

There are sunflowers with large or small flowers, with a single row of petals or with multiple rings. You can also find varieties that resemble pom-poms or dandelions. It’s hard to choose with all that beauty on offer.

It’s clear that you won’t easily get bored with sunflowers. And they also have very remarkable names, including a Teddy sunflower, the Prade red, California Wonder, Ruby and Ring of Fire. Which sunflower variety will you be putting your vase this week?