Create a bouquet from your allotment

With a bit of help from your florist

If you’ve got an empty vase and a full allotment or garden, we have the solution. Try making a bouquet that consists partly of flowers from your florist and partly of garden or allotment finds. We guarantee the result will surprise you.

Create a bouquet from your allotment

How to do it 

Easy peasy in three steps: 

1. To make the bouquet in the photo, visit your florist and pick up a bunch of sunflowers and a couple of dahlias. You use a few in your bouquet, and you can give the rest to your neighbour or display them in the office to create a summery mood. 

2. Then go into your garden or allotment to find unusual candidates for a thinking-outside-the-box bouquet. The photo features blackberries, sage, artchoke and sprouted dill. Carefully take cuttings with sharp secateurs and bring them indoors. 

3. You can create one or more bouquets depending on the number of vases, flowers, herbs, fruit and vegetables. Put some clean water in a clean vase, arrange your finds and the job’s done. Don’t forget to take a photo and share it on Instagram.