Bouquet recipe: the summer bridal bouquet

Bring colour to your wedding with summer flowers

A colourful personality should have matching bridal flowers. That’s why we’ve adopted the SSS principle for this bouquet: sunny, sunflower and summery colours.

Summer flowers and sunflowers

Summer and sunflowers are inextricably linked. At your wedding the flower with its yellow petals symbolises the sun and a sunny future together. By flanking the sunflower - which is quite heavy - with other summer flowers in your bridal bouquet you create a bridal bouquet with a must-have rainbow palette. 

You will need these flowers

Who will catch the bouquet?

At the end of your wedding day, your SSS bouquet will play one more important role. In English-speaking countries all the single ladies gather together at the end of the wedding. The bride then throws the bouquet backwards over her right shoulder without looking. The superstition is that the person who catches the bouquet will be the next to walk up the aisle. If you love traditions but would rather not throw your beautiful bouquet away, have a stand-in bridal bouquet created specially for this moment. Maybe a mini version of your bouquet - not too heavy and with the same flowers. Now get throwing!

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Photo: Rockhill Studio
Flowers: Forsberg Flowers