Bouquet recipe: spring bridal bouquet

Lively spring flowers in a celebratory mood
Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Whether you do things on a lavish scale or opt for an intimate ceremony, flowers love sharing your wedding. With pleasure! This bouquet recipe is therefore all about a cheerful, loose spring bouquet for your wedding day.

Bruidsboeket lentebruiloft

Lively, radiant and enthusiastic flowers

Celebratory - that's the best way to describe the mood of this bridal bouquet. With flowers that are lively, radiant and enthusiastically look forward to the moment when you say ‘I do’. 

You will need these flowers:

Beautiful shapes and colours

The beauty of this bouquet lies not only in the loose shape in which it’s tied - the colours and shapes of the individual flowers also contribute to the festive joy. Hence the white base is far from monotonous thanks to the varied shapes of the anemone, Lathyrus and Delphinium. And when you supplement this with idiosyncratic ranunculus and pink and yellow tulips the whole bouquet is give a touch of colour and joy. Just enough to stand out without stealing the show completely. Because today is all about the happy couple.

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Photo: Elizabeth Anne Designs