Bouquet recipe: reach great heights with Alstroemeria

An artistic bouquet for a new home
Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

In February we celebrate love. Love of your partner, but also love for your friends and family. With its symbolism, Alstroemeria is the perfect candidate for celebrating friendships. Surprise them with a simple bunch, or follow this extravagant bouquet recipe for a real Alstroemeria artwork.

Alstroemeria Bouquet

What you need:

  • Alstroemeria

  • Anigozanthos branches, also known as Kangaroo paw

  • Leucadendron

  • Red roses

Going up! Make sure that you use a sturdy vase that can hold some weight as the base. You don’t want your work of art to tumble off the table. Keep the Kangaroo paw branches as long as possible, and place them smartly upright. The layer below will be a big bunch of Alstroemeria in a fresh colour. We’ve opted for shades of orange and yellow. After a layer of Leucadendron full of intriguing colours, it’s up to the red roses to provide the finishing touch. The end result is four layers of magnificence with Alstroemeria as the radiant centrepiece. 

Acknowledging colour

People often say “less is more”. And there you are with your extravagant bouquet. Luckily you can mute things down a bit by not going overboard with too much colour. In this bouquet recipe, all the flowers have a (dark) red base, and only Alstroemeria stands out. An excessively broad palette of colours can quickly make things too lively. But then again - why not?


Where should you place such an incredible work of art? Beautiful fresh flowers never look out of place, but a bouquet looks its best with a bit of space around it. On a cleared dining table, on the side table in the hall, or perhaps as a statement piece on the dresser.