The versatile Alstroemeria three ways

Boho, rugged and Scandinavian
Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

So many people, so many different tastes in interiors. Do you love sleek and minimalist, or are you mad about Persian rugs in an eclectic setting? The versatile Alstroemeria can be styled in a host of ways. Whether you love bohemian, rugged or Scandinavian, you can reflect your personal taste in your Alstroemeria bouquet. 


You achieve a boho look by not making the bouquet too structured. Combine colourful Alstroemerias with waving grasses. Divide the bouquet across several vases of different heights to give a loose look. A colourful rug and the vintage vases and stool complete the picture. 


If you love industrial furniture, irresistible leather sofas and big wooden tables, the rugged Alstroemeria bouquet will suit you well. The flowers combined with Magnolia branches and Strelitzia leaves lend pizzazz to your graphic watering can. 


When we think of Scandinavian, we think of light and natural elements. Mix white Alstroemeria with fantastic Eucalyptus leaves. This bouquet looks best in earthenware vases, possibly made yourself on a pottery course, in a peaceful corner with fabulous sunlight. 



Mix it up

Which style do you prefer? Experiment with charity shop vases, flower combinations and the spot where your Alstroemerias can shine. You’ll soon discover how versatile the Alstroemeria really is.