Alstroemeria: remarkable petals

Understanding, humour, patience, empathy, commitment and respect
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The alstroemeria is the queen of symbolism. This magnificent flower has six petals that all look the same. Each one represents a characteristic that you would like to see in your best friends: understanding, humour, patience, empathy, commitment and respect. If you find all those characteristics in a person, you should foster this ideal friendship -and treat him or her to this marvellous symbol regularly, of course

Positive change

The petals grow upside down and turn when they reach maturity. This also represents an important gift in the context of friendship: growth and change over time ensures that the friendship becomes even more beautiful. As the icing on the cake this friendship flower also represents wealth, prosperity and happiness.

Nice and colourful

You can also add further meaning with colour. There's plenty of choice, since the alstroemeria comes in pink, white, yellow, orange, red, purple and salmon. Time to give them away!