The scent of spring

Time to bloom during the most fragrant season

Shake off the last of your winter hibernation, and take a deep breath. Allow yourself to be surprised by the sweetest fragrances and delightful scents. The season in which everything grows, blooms and particularly smells amazing is on its way. Allow yourself to be delighted by the fresh scents outdoors, or bring one flower after another into your home. Create your own home fragrance and discover how perfume is made. Arrange a scented bouquet and enjoy it. What can I smell? Spring!

Spring bouquet recipe

With a big bunch of flowers on the table you’re halfway to spring already. But before you can mark the new season with a cheerful full vase, you have to prepare your display. Combine a lilac, hyacinth and daffodil to welcome spring. Add a dozen roses, or opt for peonies that smell a bit fresher, greener and more contemporary. A big helping of powdery fragrance from lilacs and a pinch of the slightly naive, romantic scent of lily-of-the-valley. That really smells like a new season. White gingerlily adds the perfect floral fragrance. Now some magnolias and stock. Mix with dill and waxflowers. Create a topping out of grape hyacinths, crown imperials and broom. And obviously you need some blossom - preferably lots. Add the finishing touch with viburnum opulus and lathyrus. Place the most amazing fragrances in your finest vase and enjoy!

Extravagant scents

Your bouquet now contains many of French parfumier Sonia Constant’s favourites. Sonia knows better than anyone how important fragrances are. She’s a professional ‘nose’. A nose who designs perfumes and creates the most fabulous fragrances for us. She always uses her great love: the rose. This fabulous flower represents memory for her, and naturally has a perfect feminine fragrance.

Spring indoors

If you’ve filled your house with the sweetest scents you will obviously want to enjoy it together. Invite your nearest and dearest to your home and share a hanami gathering with them. In Japan this is a picnic under the cherry blossom to welcome spring. Because it’s often still a bit chilly here, we’ve created a Western variation: an indoor/outdoor brunch where the doors are thrown wide open. Radiant spring sunshine, a fresh breeze through the house and the warm scents of spring ... happiness lies in doing small things extravagantly.