Editor’s Pick (Part 1)

Funnyhowflowersdothat.co.uk’s favourite flowers
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We can’t imagine the editorial office at Funnyhowflowersdothat.co.uk without any flowers. Vases here are always brimming with the blooms that are on the Flower Agenda at the time, combined with seasonal flowers. We all know one another’s favourite flower. In fact, we have a list which shows all the team’s favourite flowers. You can’t help developing a bit of a flower fetish when you work here. On your birthday it is quite likely that as well as confetti all over your keyboard (annoying!) you will also find a bouquet of your favourite flowers on your desk (delightful!). Discover the favourite flowers of some of the Funnyhowflowersdothat.co.uk team:

Lievelingsbloem Anjer

"Dutch Queen Juliana’s husband Prince Bernard loved white carnations and wore them in his buttonhole from when he was a student. That’s chic - a man with style. I love white carnations too, but I prefer them with a feminine pink edge. They go perfectly with my interior, which has a hint of vintage, just like carnations." - Moniek Kuipers, conversation manager

Lievelingsbloem Dahlia

"Being born in October, I love autumn. I am fascinated by the change of season. I like this season’s shades of orange, red and brown. When the Dahlia is in full bloom, my favourite season has almost arrived. A time to cocoon, with a view of a vase packaged with abundant beauty, preferably in dark red, salmon pink and/or peach. - Tessa Triesscheijn, conversation manager

Lievelingsbloem Gerbera

"My favourite flower has to be the gerbera. As the daughter of a gerbera grower I grew up amongst these flowers. I was drawing gerberas with a heart before I was drawing stick people. I love the different colours and shapes, and really never get tired of looking at this flower." - Lisa van Holstein, conversation manager

Lievelingsbloem Gloriosa

"My favourite flower is the flaming fireball Gloriosa. A botanical maverick that grows from a tuber into a spectacular climber that keeps wanting to go higher. I admire ambition. This flower doesn’t just symbolise success; I also think it’s incredibly successful in terms of its looks. Lovely for filling a vase around the home." - Esther de Waard, brand manager

Lievelingsbloem roos

"I adore roses, particularly red roses. I love the intense colour and delicate shape. Being given a rose is always special. For me it’s an expression of a certain kind of love. Hint, hint..." - Susan Iping, campaign manager flowers

Lievelingsbloem Strelitzia

"The Strelitzia is better known as the bird of paradise flower. This exotic flower represents freedom, and just like me it loves hot places. You can see that we’re very in tune." - André de Waard, online marketeer

Lievelingsbloem Tulp

Why the tulip? It’s a cheerful flower that presages the arrival of spring. We’re just coming into autumn, but I can’t wait for the tulips to arrive again. What makes them particularly special is that they carry on growing in the vase. A bit wilful - I like that. Monique Kemperman – campaign manager plants

So what’s your favourite pick? Share it on Instagram (@howflowersdothat) with the hashtag #Favouriteflower. Next week we’ll share the favourites of the rest of the team in the Editor’s Pick part 2.