Fresh cheerfulness for every interior

The gerbera’s strength is that it brings a big dose of cheerfulness into the home! Its fresh colour and playful shape fits with every interior and every event, so gerberas are always the right choice.


Colours and shapes

If you think of gerberas, you think of colour! The gerbera’s basic colours are white, red, yellow, pink, purple, orange and green. The flower is also available bicoloured, multicoloured and in various colours derived from the basic colours. The flower’s beautiful heart can be black or green -  in other words, there’s plenty of choice when it comes to colour. The shape is always cheerful: single and double flowered, pom-pom and spider shapes. Have you noticed that when a child draws a flower, it’s always in the shape of a gerbera?


The gerbera has no symbolic meaning, but why should that matter? With its colourful and sunny appearance it makes your home more cheerful and welcoming straightaway. Its presence means: you make everything more beautiful!


The gerbera is an unscented flower which is part of the Asteraceae or Compositae family. It originates from South Africa, Asia, South America and Tasmania. Some 900 million gerberas a year are produced in the Netherlands in 600 different varieties of colour, shape and size. She is one popular lady!

Gerbera Bloemenagenda MooiwatbloemendoenA fabulous bouquet with gerberas

Gerberas are perfect for creating a beautiful sleek look. Yet the robust flower still always has something playful and cheerful about it. Add different colours and shapes together and create height differences. The stark lines of the vase make the contrast even greater. It looks like the gerberas are being lifted up by the sparkling purple statice. The happy gerbera also looks great in a coloured vase, a glass vase or a small vase for individual flowers. Give the bouquet pride of place in the centre of the table!