Preserve your favourite flower with Moebe

Enjoy a posy behind glass forever
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Do you struggle to walk past a florist when a lily is flirting with you? Is a rose so appealing you just can’t leave it standing there? Is the dahlia period your happiest time of year? Or do you prefer orchids because of their wonderful symbolism? Which fabulous flower is top of your list of favourites? The flower that’s just ‘meh’ for someone else is the one that makes you glow as much as the flower itself. And that can be because of the shape, scent or colour, but also because it comes with a heap of memories. You’d really want to preserve it for all time. 

Vereeuwig je lievelingsbloem met Moebe

Bouquet on the wall 

Whether the flower comes from an ‘important event’ bouquet such as a wedding, is a loving treat from your beloved, or you just want to remember a favourite season with a radiant seasonal flower - there’s always a reason for pressing. And you can do that with the fabulous minimalist frames from MOEBE. Frame your best flower moments or preserve your favourite flowers and give them a good spot where they can carry on shining for years. 

Forever flowers

Getting from the vase to the wall is easy; one of the few things you need for stylish pressed flowers is patience. Place the beautiful flowers between two pieces of blotting paper or kitchen paper in your flower press or under a sizeable pile of books. After about three weeks the flattened beauty will be ready for framing. Combined with a lively, full bunch of your favourite flowers on a table in front of it you will have a fresh still-life that you can enjoy forever. 



Image: Moebe