Love and flowers make the difference

How to style a table

The guests have been invited, you’ve spent hours in the kitchen and you’re looking forward to a great evening. In order to ensure the perfect finishing touch and totally make the event, you could also give your table a styling boost.  With love and flowers, obviously!

Take a seat!

Food tastes even better on a beautifully laid table. Dig out a tablecloth with an attractive design - preferably a flower print, naturally. That’s a good start. Now place the plates, cutlery and glasses on the table. Can you see how much space you still have left? Time for flowers! Dig all your glass vases out of the cupboard - water glasses count too. Place 1 or 2 flowers in each vase. In order to stick with the romantic mood, opt for one or more of the flowers of love: ranunculus, carnation, freesia and rose. If one of the stems has snapped or a flower is reaching the end of its life, don't worry: scatter loose petals across the table to give a luxurious feel.

The next step

The table looks gorgeous now. If you want to go a step further, you can decide to make name cards, but you could also do a DIY project. Like a chandelier filled with flowers. It takes some effort, but you can be sure that you will elicit lots of cries of admiration.