Diy: decorate your chandelier with flowers

Floral chains to celebrate love
Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

You’ve finished styling the table, but you are looking for that little something extra. Look no further. With this floral chandelier you will steal the show and everyone’s heart. You can make it like this!

You will need

If you don’t have a chandelier:

  • Hoop/ring

  • Needle and thread

  • Florist tape

  • Wooden beads in two sizes

How to make it

If you’ve got an existing chandelier over the dining table that’ll make things particularly easy. Secure the flowers with thread or florist tape. If you don’t have a chandelier, just make one yourself. The ring serves as the centre of the chandelier with strings of beads above and below. Tie a piece of string approximately 30 cm long to the ring and string the wooden beads onto it. Use 10 to 14 fixing points for the top, and the same for the bottom. Repeat this until you have a chandelier frame made up of the ring and the beads. You can use the smaller beads to create a horizontal string for an extra-luxurious look. 

Now move onto the flowers. You can attach them to the ring using florist tape, and to the strings of beads with needle and thread. Feed the string through the flower’s bud - that’s a strong spot. Let your creativity run wild. Combine various types of flowers and beads on a string, and also experiment with lengths. Ultimately the important thing is that the floral chandelier matches the ambience you want to create. The chandelier can easily remain in place for several days. What a bonus!