Say "I do" with dahlias

A bridal bouquet that's perfect for an end-of-summer wedding
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A wedding that's planned for the long, golden evenings of late summer can take advantage of dahlia season when it comes to flower arranging. A flower that grows in hundreds of different colour and shape varieties, let it bring style, colour and meaning to your wedding day.

Say "I do" with dahlias

Dahlia season

The petals of dahlia unfurl in all their glory from August to the end of October. Colours range from white to pale yellow, salmon pink, orange, purple, red, bright pink, claret or pillar box red. Some varieties effortlessly combine different shades in their petals and others even have stripes or spots. As for shapes, there are plenty to choose from: round like a ball, open like a star, or gently ragged. Just like you and your partner, it'll be love at first sight.

Indian summer wedding bouquet

Dahlias are must at a wedding in late summer or early autumn, the so-called 'Indian summer' where days stretch long and evenings surprise with their warm temperatures. A solo dahlia works well as a feature in a mixed bouquet, or combine various shapes and colours to really make the most of dahila season. Supplement with astilbe or yarrow to create a big bunch of statement flowers to carry on your wedding day. When it comes to decoration, a simply-furnished room and naked wedding cake are transformed with the addition of dahlias. Use the flower as a place setting, hang them from chairs, and even have them crown the cake (make sure the latter are grown as an edible variety).


The perfect meaning for weddings

Not only does the dahlia look beautiful, the flower also has a meaning that makes it perfect for weddings, as it symbolises 'forever yours'. It’s particularly fitting on a day filled with rituals and symbols, with rings that represent an endless bond and confetti thrown to wish the happy couple good fortune. The flowers help you say what your heart knows it feels.

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