Adopt a beehive with Plan Bee

Little Botanica florist show their support for the honeybee

Bees are trending right now and for good reason; their numbers in the UK are down by 50% in the last few decades. In response to this dramatic decline, Glasgow based boutique florist Little Botanica decided to adopt a beehive from Plan Bee Ltd. After all, without the bees and other pollinators there would be no flowers for the florists...

Copyright: Little Botanica

One beehive, many bees

Little Botanica's adopted hive of 60,000 honeybees is located in the National Trust for Scotland’s Greenbank Gardens in Clarkston, Glasgow. These bees are now working hard to pollinate the nearby trees, shrubs, vegetables and flowering plants.

Hayley, Partner at Little Botanica commented, 'At Little Botanica we like to do our bit to conserve and sustain our beautiful Scottish habitats full of amazing natural flora…. sponsoring a beehive is a small supportive step to keep Scotland's gorgeous landscapes thriving! (and we really like bees!)'

Save the bee

Honeybee numbers have reduced by more than 50% in the last 2 decades (research carried out by the University of Reading). This is partly due to climate change but also to poor pesticide management and man’s negative impact on the environment. Plan Bee has been working in partnership with companies like Little Botanica to halt this slide. With over 250 managed beehives from Aberdeen to Cornwall, Plan Bee has already returned more than 15-million honeybees to the natural environment.

Warren Bader, CEO and Founder of Plan Bee said 'Our beehive management partners at Little Botanica are showing their commitment to proactive sustainability by putting something positive back into the environment. What could be more fitting than florists providing a home for bees? We are really pleased to be working with a company that is so enthusiastic about sustainability and eco-friendly services.'