All about dried roses

An interview with Fabelicious

A Fabelicious rose isn't just any flower. These unique dried roses are made with love, in a sustainable business that treats the growers, suppliers and buyers fairly, creating flowers that really do bring joy to the world. We spoke to the founder of Fabelicious, Pascal Koeleman, about the inclusive ethics and sustainability of his business, the importance of the rose, and the dried flower revolution.

The wonderful story of Fabelicious roses |

Tell us, what makes Fabelicious so special? 

Our dried flowers aren't just beautiful, their origins story is also remarkable. We're a people-oriented business, and our dried flowers grown sustainably in African countries, in fairtrade organisations, with workers who are paid fair wages. At Fabelicious, we're interested in people, as well as flowers. It means that, working within our own industry, our focus is on contributing to and maintaining an sustainable economic and social business model.

Why did you choose to work with roses?

It's very simple: the rose is the queen of all flowers. It represents gorgeous colour, romance, and always brings a certain sophistication and allure to a bouquet of flowers. As well as individual dried roses, we also sell dried flower bouquets from the simple to the opulent. These last ones also feature other dried flowers alongside the rose, to set our favourite flower off in all its splendour.

Where can we find your dried flowers?

All the Dutch Intrauin shops sell our dried flowers. The florists at Bloomon also use them in their compositions. In actual fact, around 80 % of the dried roses in Europe come from us. I suppose the short answer is, you'll find our flowers everywhere.

Do you have any advice for using dried flowers at home?

Have a look in your garden to see what you can use: lavender or hydrangea, for example. Especially in autumn time, you can cut a few stems of hydrangea from your garden once it's become a bit leggy, dry them out, and arrange them with dried roses. Or buy a bouquet of gypsophila, let it dry, and match it with our roses. Let your imagination have free rein, and follow what you're interested in: you'll naturally find your own flower style.

What are your plans for the future?

The demand for dried flowers keeps on growing. Young people love flowers, and they are especially attracted to the ease and practicality of dried versions. We want to keep inspiring them with our beautiful dried flowers, made in an environmentally responsable, economically sustainable way. Our growing partners in central Africa are happy with our business approach, and our clients in Europe are as well. We're just happy to keep contributing to the happiness of others.