The best flower books

Pages and pages of floral inspiration

Flowers are beautiful to look at on the page as well as in real life. Here is our list of the most special and interesting flower books of the moment – curl up on the couch and enjoy.

The Flower Fix

Fan of Instagram account Swallows and Damsons? Then The Flower Fix is ​​the book for you. Swallows and Damsons’ Anna Potter offers plenty of bouquet inspiration and beautiful photography. And show how by using seasonal flowers and objects found in nature you mix a bit of natural mysticism with the everyday. Get to know Anna Potter in this interview.

The Book of the Flower: Flowers in Art

The Book of the Flower show flowers through the eyes of artists, photographers and illustrators. The works presented here are accompanied with text about the maker and their choice of flower. Take a look behind the scenes at none other than Henri Matisse and discover his artistic practice.

The Flower Expert

The aptly named Fleur McHarg has been obsessed with flowers all her life: their colours, shapes and their many different uses. Fleur has been in the flower business for 25 years and can safely be called a flower expert. In her book Fleur finally shares her secrets, so that you also conjure up the most beautiful flower arrangements in the vase.

Tulips: Beautiful Varieties for Home and Garden

Ah, the tulip! The many varieties of this flower led writer Jane Eastoe and photographer Rachel Warne to pay tribute in this beautiful book. It's full of images of the fifty most stunning tulips.


On Flowers

The American flower artist Amy Merrick grew from a country girl to a flower arranger for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and collaborator with Kinfolk and Rifle Paper Co. She now travels around the world, communicating her flower style to others. In On Flowers, Amy lets readers experience the natural beauty of flowers and see how you translate them into simple bouquets.

Living with Flowers

When you look at Rowan Blossom's Instagram, one thing is immediately clear: Rowan lives surrounded by flowers. Each post provokes more flower envy than the previous one. Now there is also a book that is very aptly called Living with Flowers. Of course, it's also full of beautiful images. Need we say more?

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